Your Reputation is Your Worth

Written by Idede Oseyande

Your Reputation is Your Worth!

(Lesson From #Game of Thrones)

“Jon Snow, I know you’re a Stark from the North, and you keep your words. Promise me that after you defeat the army of the dead, you will bend the knees to me” ~ #Cersei Baratheon (Lannister)
“You are right, I am a Stark from the North and we keep our words, but I cannot bend my knees to two queens, and I have already bent the knee to one” ~ #Jon Snow

The above was the conversation between Queen Cersei Lannister, the widow of Late King Robert Baratheon, in the TV Series, Games of Thrones. Jon was called a Northern fool for being so truthful. “It was this same truthfulness that killed your father”, some persons said to him. “Can’t you say a small lie in diplomacy?” others queried. The truth is, if his words held no meaning, the queen would not have required it of him. He had a reputation that he cannot lie, and that was why his words had value.

Most times people fail to guard their reputation. Some even brag about it that they can be anything depending on the occasion. The truth is, your reputation is your worth. It determines the influence and power that you command. There are some persons that are granted bail today in law based on self-recognition. In other words, we can say based on their reputation. Another angle to the issue of reputation is that it outlives you, it becomes your legacy when you’re gone!

Some times we make the mistake of ignoring what people say about us until it comes back to haunt us. When your name is mentioned, what will those around say about you? A chronic liar? A swindler? A defaulter? A perpetual latecomer? A lousy talker? An untrustworthy fellow? A murderer? A confusionist? A hypocrite? Will they say something vile and evil about you or they will say something good and commendable?

I saw the signpost of a church on social media with this inscription: “Live your life in such a way that we would not have to lie about you on your graveside.”

Another distinct attribute of Jon Snow was his leadership prowess. He was a true definition of a leader that does what is right for the people, (the majority), even when the minority feel it is wrong for their selfish reasons. He was a sacrificial leader that always does what is right for the greater good.

Explaining his leadership role in details for those that did not see the series, will make this post too lengthy, but I can’t talk about Jon Snow without mentioning his sacrifices. Once he was misunderstood by his followers and was murdered in a conspiracy. But when an evil ruler was about to be a threat to the people, he did not hesitate to pay the ultimate price again to end her rule, despite the affection they shared, and the risk of being killed by her subjects.

The strength of great leaders is known for their decisions in tough situations.

Remember, your reputation always herald your coming, so ensure you have a good one!


IDEDE Oseyande

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Idede Oseyande

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