When 24/24 becomes 09/24: Edo 2020 in Perspective

Written by Idede Oseyande

When 24/24 becomes 9/24: Edo 2020 in Perspective

If there is anything I respect my elder brother for, it is his ingenuity to discipline a child.

Growing with him as his younger brother was filled with mixed experiences. The beatings, laughter, and the life lectures he taught me for free. As the only two boys in the house, and with a sister in between, my elder brother was not my mate. But then, my immediate elder sister was soft and gentle. Her being a stammerer made it more interesting to utilise her space as I wanted. But then, my elder brother would always ruin my fun by coming to remind me that she was my elder sister.

This reminder often comes with knocks, slaps, and sometimes, a disproportionate combination of both. One day, I grew up! ‘Wetin sef’ you are a boy, and I am a boy, ‘bad as e bad, we go throw blow’. On this fateful day, I had an issue with my elder sister as usual and then insulted her. My brother came like the ‘Hound’ in ‘Game of Thrones’ to instil discipline as he has always done. Unknown to him that he was the one I was waiting for ab initio.

He threw the first slap, I blocked it. The second, I blocked it again. ‘I am a boy like you’, I said to myself. I wanted to give him the shock of his life by standing up to him to defend myself. Ladies and gentlemen, he soon got the message. He flowed with me, wearing me out in the process, and then gave me a tactical knock on my biceps. Low and behold, I could not raise my hands again. It dawned on me immediately that he was six years older than me.

Since Governor Obaseki started feeling he was a Governor, suspended Gen Arhiavbere (Rtd) from the party, congratulated himself as the history maker, and the only emperor to have won the complete twenty-four seats for the state house of assembly for his party, I knew he was setting blows for his predecessor cum godfather. But the continued silence of ‘Come Raid’ Adams Oshiomhole has made me remember what they say about fighting an elder.

Why the Governor and his team keeps setting exams and awarding distinctions to themselves outwardly, inwardly they are being tormented by the prolonged silence of Adams. It is even more troubling as the former Governor has never been known to be short of words.

With the inauguration of a 9-member legislative arm of Government, the sitting Governor seem to be blocking the blows of his predecessor. It will be foolhardy for any political pundit that knows his onions to congratulate the Governor or to think that the Governor is winning this battle. In fact, the fight has not even started.

For anyone to even say the Governor is getting it right, after crashing from 24/24 to 9/24, means the person has an ulterior motive. That person must be a member of the opposition that hopes to fuel this feud for as long as possible.

If the Governor wanted to really throw a punch that will get him an applaud from the public, let him in all honesty, release the secret deal that led to the establishment of #Edo_University Iyamho. And also tell us the actual amount spent in the renovation of #Central_Hospital. These are the information that will help you deflate the remaining goodwill your predecessor enjoys. With that information, we can boldly add him in the ‘hall of fame’ with the likes of Lucky Igbinedion, and strip him of the ‘Edo Developer’ toga he currently adorns himself with.

Till I write again, Please do less of Politics and more of Governance!

Edo is in God’s Hands!

IDEDE Oseyande








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IDEDE Oseyande, a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, is an unrepentant believer in the Nigeria project.
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