Motivational Series

The Indisputable Power of Vision- 7

By: Idede Oseyande

“…write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that reads it”

As we come to the conclusion of the series, let me quickly recap on how to get visions.

Visions are products of the imagination of the mind. It’s the same as wishes at inception. But unlike wishes that are allowed to flow away like billows in the sea, visions are noted down as explained in the quotation above.

Taking note of the vision can be mental notes, verbal notes, or written notes.

Mental notes are when you leave the vision in your mind but keep working on it. Daily, weekly, monthly or randomly, you regurgitate the idea in your mind and start to ponder on the modalities to drive it. You do this as often as possible to ensure the vision is kept alive.

Verbal notes are cases when you share the vision with others to make them remind you and challenge you to pursue it.

Written notes here mean when you pen it down in a book, or recently on your electronic devices for easy reference.

Irrespective of the model used to record the vision, the bottom line is to ensure you keep it alive.

So that thing you desire in your heart will remain a wish if you leave it there as it was a flash in your mind’s eye. So that ambition you have in your mind should be noted down to translate it from being a mere wish.

After writing the vision, the next step is to explain it clearly to those who can assist you in driving the vision. The vision must be clearly stated so that they, (your partners and helpers), can easily run along with the vision.

Most visions are either ignored or opposed when it’s unclear to the hearers. Clarity involves ensuring the people are enlightened to grasp the idea you are talking about.

When they are not mentally equipped to understand it, then they will fight it.

What then should you do?

This takes us to the last lap in the series!



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