The Delusional Illusion of 24/24: Edo 2020 in View

Written by Idede Oseyande

The Delusional Illusion of 24/24: Edo 2020 in View!

After the state House of Assembly elections held on the 9th of March this year, the Governor Godwin Obaseki led government and its minions took to the media eulogising to the high heavens the political dexterity of the state Governor, claiming that he has done what his predecessors could not do. Attempt to call them to decorum, and to appreciate the fact that the victory was not a one-man show, but a collaborative effort of all the stakeholders within the party, fell on deaf ears.

Even when we tried to let them know that the defeat the state Governor suffered in his Senatorial zone two weeks earlier, was enough to send a commonsense message to these sycophants to tread with caution. Still, these minions continued in their folly with so much pomp and power. No thanks to the double allowances they got for subscription during the elections.

The deafening noise of their hailings seemed to have swept the Governor off his feet, as he has never before now, been in the front light and recipient of so much adulation. He too was basking in the euphoria of the illusion that he is a political juggernaut in the state with the victory.

As someone that took an active role in the last election, I shared my thoughts to some of my friends that were at the verge of being misled by the media hype of the role of the state Governor, as we analysed if it was a plus for him or not. Aside from the fact that the candidates under the Governor’s party were representing various interest, the main opposition did not put up a fight.
In the real sense, it was like celebrating a victory between Chelsea football club and Bendel Insurance. The powers that be in the main opposition party were indoors, giving the Governor and his APC a free hand to intimidate, harass, manhandle and rig the elections with reckless abandon in their favour.

The more they celebrated the said victory, the more they exposed their foolishness and ignorance of the political scheme of things in the state.

Just as I asked my friend when he shared the opinion that the Governor had the state in his hands, “how many of this members-elect can the Governor call his own in the whole lot?” “How many of the Local Government chairmen do you think owed him their allegiance?”
Sycophants and belle-hunters will hail you to secure their meal tickets, no doubt about that, but it will be foolhardy and delusional for you to hail yourself over an illusion. It is dangerous when you fail to be your own counsellor, especially as a public office holder in a country like ours!

I was not surprised when the ‘Asoboyegbe’ mistress wrote a piece calling for a truce between the Governor and his godfather. She was just being the voice of their gang, ‘social media belle hunters’, trying to secure their next meal ticket.

Today my prediction has come to pass, as the Governor is scared to the bones to inaugurate the said 24/24 he got victories for. Reality is gradually treating them of the delusional state they went into after the elections.

Let me share this story to help our amiable Governor have a full grasp on why he would be easily deserted when the chips are down.

When Osariemen Osunbor led PDP government were booted out of office in 2008, he had a fall out with his party leader then, Chief Anthony Anenih of blessed memory, (rumour had it that he lost that case because of the fall out with his leader, but that’s a story for another day). After they left office, the party leader made the ex-deputy Governor his personal assistant. Did I tell you that, he was Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) chairman at that time? With that position, the young man recouped his political investment and also built influence for himself.

My elder brother once told me that there is a difference between ‘a rich man’ and ‘an established man’. By virtue of your current position, which is very transient, you might be rich, but these leaders are established. And in a country where everyone is fighting for a share of the cake, these sycophants hailing you know quite well that the leaders they are pushing you to dare, are established, and can fix them for the rest of their lives with a phone call. And that is the capacity you are still building. It is wise that you play your cards with wisdom, and build that capacity so that you can become a godfather too in the nearest future. Don’t blow your chances with your present illusion of political strength.

From the bottom of my heart, I really wished you defeated your godfather, but with the way you played the game, you will end up adding another feather to his cap when he eventually dethrones you. I don’t want to see him glorified with your defeat, so please just do what you can to gain his endorsement, while my generation prepare to boot both of you out in 2024

Till I write again, please wake up from your present illusion!


Edo is in God’s hands!

IDEDE Oseyande





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Idede Oseyande

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