The Cost of Ambition

Written by Idede Oseyande

Lessons from Game of Thrones!

“Be careful about what you wish you”

If wishes were horses, they say, beggars will ride. Despite that fact, it is not out of place for humans to make a wish. Most times our wishes become our goals, and gradually it becomes an ambition and the essence of our living. We finally crave to achieve it as our purpose here on earth.

The character, Sansa Stark in the TV series, #Game of Thrones, wished to be a Queen. She was very elated when her dream was gradually becoming a reality with the kind of friendship her father enjoys with the King. And when the King eventually proposed that she will be betrothed to the crown prince, her joy knew no bounds.

For those that saw the series, you will agree with me that that was the beginning of her turmoil on earth. With the King dead, and her father beheaded on trumped-up charges, she became a pawn in the chess game in the palace. Twice she was forcefully married to different men without her consent, but as an ‘object’ in a political alliance. The soft innocent and fearful little girl learnt how life works the hard way.

Though she finally became the sole ruler and the Queen in the North, I bet she wouldn’t have wished for it if someone had given her a manual that explains what she would go through to become the Queen she wished for.

So many people are like that today. Making wishes and dreams without counting the cost. A technical staff that walks in the oil & gas sector was sharing with us an incident that occurred offshore some years ago. A guy was employed in the services of an oil servicing firm and was posted offshore. When asked to climb a rig, he could not go beyond a particular height, for fear. He did not know he had that phobia until he got the job. Aside from the phobia for heights, he could not eat during his stay there as he would vomit anything he puts in his mouth. He had to be sent back onshore and left to stay in the office because of the “strong connections” that gave him the job at the first place, in not he would have been sacked immediately.

This young man like many unemployed people in the country must have been praying to get that ‘dream job’, without having the faintest knowledge of the price.

There are so many things we wish for, without knowing the baggage that comes with it. A young man wants to marry a career woman that will be financially stable, and yet he wants the same woman to always be at home to give him fresh meals, how?
A woman wants to marry a rich pilot and wants a man that will always be around, how?

Every wish, ambition and goal comes with a price! Dream big, but pay the price!

IDEDE Oseyande

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Idede Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande, a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, is an unrepentant believer in the Nigeria project.
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