Soapy: A People Driven by Libido

Written by Idede Oseyande

Soapy: A People Driven by Libido

Growing up, I hated when my parents, especially my Dad, run down the value of education, morals and ethics as compared to what was obtainable in his days. I later converted that hatred into a life ambition which I am still pursuing till date. That’s the struggle for a better tomorrow. I find it retrogressive and quite appalling when we gladly talk about our glorious past. And I often wonder, how can we progress when we keep having a better yesterday?

As much as I hate to accept it, today, I have come to realise that things seem to be on a steady decline in all facets of human life. The more we try to break new grounds, get more civilised, enlightened and educated, the more we plunge into the abyss of a lost sense of values, the same with our humanity.

We live in a world where certain things no longer hold meaning. Shame no longer exist in our dictionaries. Everything and anything is acceptable.

Recently I started hearing soapy in the mouths of children, and I wondered where on earth they heard that from. Then adults that should know better, opened their mouths and shamelessly call the word with reckless abandon. As stated in my previous post, “even in entertainment, the values of a people are known”.

The society we live in is getting more immoral by the day. For a product to sell in Nigeria, just add that it increases libido for men and watch how both men and women would rush it. Bring up the issue of sex on social media and see the traffic the post will generate. I begin to wonder if sex has become the new opium Nigerians use to console themselves in the hopelessness that has engulfed the country in recent times.

As a child, there used to be words that I dared not use, and it was not just me. It was applicable to a lot of other children I grew up with. It had nothing to do with religion, social status or even tribe. Even adults did not and would not use those words in the presence of children.

But what do we have today? Children dance ‘Soapy’ in the presence of their parents, and we clap and hail them, while their counterparts in other countries are making inventions and maximising their untapped childhood creativity.

And when they are sexually active at a young age, getting involved in rape cases and sexual assault, we would return to cry foul, forgetting, as we always do, that we sowed the seeds.

No nation becomes great when its people are driven by libido!

NB: The picture attached to this post is a screenshot taken from the video of a male baby that was vigorously sucking the breast of a female doll!

IDEDE Oseyande
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  • Too bad the world have really change so fast for me I think parent have a better role to play here children must be given good home training it also help us when growing up

  • Well said my patriotic brother..well said…a lot have really changed in today’s society. Growing up the word SEX was like an abominable word to mention even in our hidden corners. But today what have you? A decadence in our already unjust and immoral society. Once again patriot..well said

  • Our Moral Values, Norms And Ethics Are Being Sacrificed On The Alter Of “Civilization” And “Global Freedom” (After All It Is My Life Let Me Enjoy It As I Want). The Truth Of The Matter Is That It Is Not Going To Get Better (Not Trying To Be A Pessimist But It Is A Fact), Because Various Institutions Like Most Families, Religious Houses Like Churches That Are Supposed To Instill These Morals On The Younger Generation Are Even The Ones Promoting It, As They Have Accepted What Used To Be Abnormal As A Norm All In The Name Of “Civilization” And “Freedom”

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