Revolution Is To Buhari What Mega-Rally Is To Obaseki: Hysteria

Written by Idede Oseyande


In the famous poem of Harly Pargy, he said;
“I have seen death and birth, I had thought they were different.
This birth was tough to Herod like death.
For this, Herod run helter-skelter, pressed with a thousand, million cares
But John the Baptist could do nothing but rejoice, for the joy of the Lord is our strength”.

When the news of Christ birth got to Herod, it did not come with the joy and happiness that characterises the news of childbirth. To Herod, the news of the birth of Christ was the same as his (Herod’s) death, because of the prophecy that a King has been born. Just as the poet puts it, for that singular reason, Herod started to run from pillar to post in an attempt to scuttle what had been sealed and delivered.

As Herod went haywire after he heard the news of the birth of Christ, that was how Gen Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd), led administration started to behave when they heard the word #RevolutionNow. It was not just a sensitization protest aimed at calling political leaders to order, to him, it was a threat to the throne. And as maximum rulers always behave, they try to trample on anyone or anything that threatens their grip to the throne, whether real or perceived threat.

And when they are in this hysteriaa mode, common sense and logical reasoning eludes them. This is why a Presidential candidate that could not get up to a hundred thousand votes in the last election, suddenly becomes a national threat to a president that got over twelve million votes.

Just as the Presidency is still being haunted and having sleepless nights over the existence of #Omoyele #Sowore, that is how Godwin Nogheghase #Obaseki has started having sleepless nights over anyone rumoured to be the favoured candidate of the governorship ticket of the All Progressive Congress, in Edo state. With his flexing of muscles with Tony Kabaka and other members of Edo People’s Movement (EPM), we thought we have seen it all, until the recent display of hopelessness, and fear of looming defeat as he tries to frustrate the political rally of his party.

POI, as Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is popularly referred to, has his own baggage working for and against him like everyone else, but his addition ordinarily, should have been a plus to the APC, especially in a game like politics where numbers are key indicators of victory. But, not to Godwin Obaseki, this birth to him is like death. The Governor who once said through his spokesman that the twelve members of Edo State House of Assembly who left the state due to security threats are liars, as there was no security threat in the state, is now the same person threatening a proprietor to shut down a private school based on security reasons.

Is Obaseki now saying the report of the twelve Honourables were true?
Has he now agreed that we are not safe in the state under his watch?

Governor Godwin Obaseki has refused to learn from history, and he is and will continue to pay dearly for it. I am particularly bothered with the goodwill he is giving to POI. He has refused to see the game being played by POI against him. In the streets, the mask of a refined and gentleman Governor which his handlers used to sell him to the people in 2016 has fallen off, but he is not aware. POI is gradually playing the victimised game thereby whipping empathy and sentiments from the people.

What Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki thought he was using to pull down Osagie Ize-Iyamu is actually doing the direct opposite. But as always, he never listens!

The Governor is so troubled to the extent that he shivers when he hears the word “mega”! And the more he shows his fears, the less popular he becomes.

We will keep observing from the sidelines, and of course, share our opinion as things unfold.

IDEDE Oseyande
Social Watcher

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