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Retrogressive Actions- 7

Retrogressive Actions-7

By Idede Oseyande

Stress-induced Actions!

Stress in any form has revealed the weakness of humans from time immemorial. This is why experts have tried to help people master the art of managing stress without causing serious damage to their emotional and general wellbeing.

The most popular victim of stress-induced actions is the Biblical story of Esau, who sold his birthright for a pot of red pottage when he was under stress caused by hunger and exhaustion.

While we castigate and demonize Esau for such an act, we fail to realise that we, just like Esau, have in one time or the other, exposed our weaknesses when undergoing stress.

We have said offensive words, or use foul languages which we later regret, and then apologise when the opportunity presents itself.

Some have sold their dignity and self-worth by succumbing to sexual advances in exchange for financial favour during intense financial stress.

Some have resorted to unlawful acts like stealing, kidnapping, murder, or most commonly today, money rituals.

Without trying to justify any immoral and unlawful actions done during stress of any kind, we need to realise that stress-induced actions are real and it’s a problem we should be bothered about in our society. This is because you don’t know who might be the victim of the actions of someone under stress.

What then is the way forward?

Firstly, you must know that the near-death feeling that usually makes people desperate during stress is only a state of the mind. Esau would not have died if Jacob had not given him that pottage. The feeling of death was only a mindset!

Secondly, always know that there are better options aside from the illegal and immoral shortcuts your mind is currently fixated on. Once you can win the battle of the mind and rule out the illegal options, your mind would be free to explore the legal and dignified alternatives.

Thirdly, always remind yourself that your case is not the worst. And before you endanger someone else because you are stressed out, don’t forget that the person you are unleashing your frustrations on has his own problems to contend with. And he is also seeking solutions and solace just like you.

Lastly, have this belief that nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles. So when life stresses you out, calm down with the knowledge that it will come to pass.

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