POI: A Disposable Rag Or The Coveted Bride?

Written by Idede Oseyande

POI: A Disposable Rag Or The Coveted Bride?

Every political observer cum pundit in Edo state must be very familiar with POI, as #Pastor Osagie #Ize-Iyamu is fondly called. His antecedents since the state returned to democratic governance in 1999 has painted him in different colours. Endeared to some and hated or disliked by others, while a handful feels politically endangered by his presence.

Prior to his recent decamping from the #People’s Democratic Party (PDP), he was severely vilified by members of the party, PDP. I could recall with vivid clarity how the members of the PDP in #Edo State were grieving and threatening fire and brimstone when he was made the #Director-General in the state at the last Presidential election. The murmurings were audible to the deaf while the displeasure on the faces of other party leaders was visible to the blind.

The dissenting voices within the party were made more audible when the #Oredo local government party chairman during the mega statewide presidential election rally, climbed the podium and announced that those who were mobilised from Oredo should raise their hands up. I wondered if it had gotten to the point where they now take roll call during political rallies. However, I was later informed that the action was necessitated by the high handedness with which the DG (POI) was handling the funds meant for the exercise. The dissenting voices within the party wanted him out at all cost.

“His political career has ended, he has no followership clout again, his time has passed, he can’t lead this party to victory, the governorship ticket is not his birthright, he is making merchandise of the party, he is self-serving and cares for no one but himself”, the accusations kept piling up. It was glaring they wanted him out, they made him look like a rag that has lost its value.

And then, he left!

I have waited in vain for the past two months since he left the PDP for them to organise a party to celebrate his exit, as they have previously boasted. I have expected the state party chairman, who has created a name for himself for his viper attacks on the opposition, to go all out after him and tongue-lash any shred of political followership he has left. As it stands, it seems I will wait for a very long time as that day might never come.

Instead of the PDP in the state to grow bigger and better, after all, they have been relieved of the man they describe in hushed tunes as a ‘used rag’, they are gradually becoming non-existent. Dan Orbir, the state chairman is missing in action, and those who once thought they have grown enough to run the party in the state, have suddenly realised that it takes more than calling oneself a party #chieftain to really run a party, especially running a party as an opposition.

On the other hand, the nest of the #incumbent governor in the state, whose political party POI had decamped to, had been continuously ruffled since he crossed over. The euphoria and fanfare enjoyed in that quarter as the easy cruise to victory the incumbent governor was enjoying before POI came to his party, had been seriously threatened.

This was made known to the public when the government used all the resources within its power to forestall the public rally, that would herald the decamping of POI to the All Progressives Congress.
The massive recruitment of media aides by the incumbent governor, also showed that his camp is threatened with the presence of POI in the APC. And lastly, the ‘#revival’ that was experienced in the faction of the party that wants to #unseat the #governor, is also another testament to the #influence and political weight of POI.

In the last few months, the political battle in the state has been centred around him. Some pundits are already placing their bets on him getting the coveted party ticket of the APC, while his erstwhile party, the PDP are wishing he fails so they can justify their claim to his political chasm.

It’s only a matter of time for us to find out if POI has been reduced to a disposable rag, or he is still the coveted bride of Edo politics.

The coming days shall be more interesting, and we will keep you updated with happenings as observed from the sidelines.

IDEDE Oseyande
Social Watcher

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