On Kabaka And Edo State Government: Lessons For Young Leaders (2)

Written by Idede Oseyande

On Kabaka and Edo State Government: Lessons For Young Leaders (2)

“He that volunteered his head for the breaking of a coconut, would not enjoy the eating of the coconut” ~ African Proverb

When Tony Kabaka made himself the mouthpiece on the street and the defender of all those in the Edo People’s Movement, I knew he was making a gamble. One of such gambles some students often make while we were on campus. You know those “notice me stunts” during a protest to show that they have ‘#Aluta spirit’ and are capable of leading protest when elected as students union officials.

Those students who would try to steal the spotlight during a protest on campus. They are the first to rush to the front of cameras once they sight newsmen. They are the ones that would insult the Vice-Chancellor, the State Government and all the leadership hierarchy in the country over the death of a fellow student who had been killed by a hit and run driver. They would say all manner of incoherent words, as the aim is not to pass a sensible message to the public but to pull a stunt and sell himself to the student populace that he is the next Students’ Union leader they should look out for.

And you remember how humble they become when they are served a writ of summoning to visit the school disciplinary panel, or when they are picked by the security agencies.
While they are running around in a bid to retain their studentship or to regain their freedom from the security services, that is when it will dawn on them that there are more cautious ways of doing things.
Those they felt were not agile enough during the protest would now benefit from their foolishness.

This is exactly the case of the lion of the tribal of Amagba, in the person of Comrade Tony Kabaka!

He was everywhere speaking vociferously against the government. He called the Governor unprintable names and insulted him with reckless abandon. His followers hailed him, and those that were disgruntled with the actions of the Governor lent him their voices and jeered his outspoken nature cum boldness. He proved himself as a true lion and roared freely. He was unstoppable, so he thought.

Then, like the typical Vice-Chancellor of a Nigerian University would do to a stubborn student with the use one of the paraphernalia of the school management, Governor Godwin Obaseki did same by sending the invitation letter to face the disciplinary panel to Comrade Tony Kabaka.

The recipient knows he is in double trouble as the members of the disciplinary committee are ‘lecturers’ he had previously stepped on their toes. He knows the verdict had been prepared before the invitation was even sent, and all he could do is to cry to whoever can plead on his behalf to the Vice-Chancellor, or accept his four-semester suspension in good fate! (That is if he is not served an outright rustication).

Whether the state government would go on with the demolition order is still an open debate, but as young and aspiring leaders, you must learn to gamble moderately.

Caution must not be thrown to the wind when making such gambles, especially when you are not doing it out of conviction.
When you act out of conviction from a clear conscience, you find it easy to face the consequences and weather the storm if the result goes awry.
But when you’re doing it for personal gains, it is always laden with regret.

The first cause of pain is the loneliness on that path, as you are left to carry your cross on your own.
After all, it was your selfish battle, they would say!

As we wait patiently for the 7days ultimatum to elapse, think on these lessons.

But what do I know sef?🤷🏽‍♂

Dec 8th on my mind…… #Anticipate!

IDEDE Oseyande
Social Watcher

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