On Adams And Obaseki: Is God Answering Our Prayers?

Written by Idede Oseyande

On Adams And Obaseki: Is God Answering Our Prayers?

Some time ago, a business tycoon was kidnapped and his family contacted for ransom. They prayed that God would put confusion in the midst of the kidnappers and their father would be released unhurt. A week later, while driving with the man still with his abductors, the wife and her son encountered a fight between two young-looking men. As the men threatened to kill themselves in a fierce fight, the son tried to intervene, not knowing that God was answering their prayers. One of them angrily drove off threatening to abort the deal, while the other was left behind. That night, the abducted man came home unscathed.

Narrating how the gang suddenly started to fight themselves over what he did not understand, he gave a vivid description of the one that came to the hideout and cut lose the three men and a woman in the kidnapper’s den. The boy looked at his mother, as they both agreed that the description fit perfectly well with the young men that were fighting earlier that day.

The sustained political battle between the immediate past Governor of Edo state and his successor had made me reconsider the similarities of the ongoing imbroglio with the kidnapped experience as narrated above. Religious faithfuls in the state have always prayed that God should put confusion in the midst of those that want to plough the state and the nation at large for their selfish interest.
With the way, a ‘father and son’ relationship that once blossomed had suddenly changed to a battle between the hunter and the hunted,
tells that there is more to the issue than meet the eyes.

While the warring parties present their case to the
people in such a way that make each party look more
concerned about the well-being of the masses; behind that facade is a self-serving, egoistic and self-preservation agenda.
As we take sides, justifying the actions of one over another, never forget that God might be answering our prayers with the political intrigues. What we should be doing is to ensure we don’t obstruct God’s plan for the state.

Pharaoh needed a ‘bad dream’ for Joseph to be delivered from prison.

Those with political interest can take the fight personally as their survival lies on it. But political pundits and the apolitical masses should put heads together in ensuring the people emerge winners in this fight.
Enough of being the grass that suffers when two elephants fight. The elephants for once should be allowed to kill themselves so the grasses can enjoy the manure that their decomposition would bring.

Edo Is In Gods Hands 🙌🏾

IDEDE Oseyande



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