Engr (Dr) Chris Ogiemwonyi: A Believer Of Com. Adams Oshiomhole Leadership.

Written by Idede Oseyande


…..Ready to #Swim or #Sink with Oshiomhole
……. A true democrat, a committed #Party man


There are two things that practically define a man; his words and his actions. When a man’s action #matches his words, then it becomes easy to know truly who he is, what he strongly believes in and the cause he has chosen to promote or propagate.

As it stands today, in the present political configuration in Edo state, there is only one man whose actions have remained a consistent expression of his words. That man is Engr( Dr) Chris Ogiemwonyi; a true party man, a bold admirer and an #unfeigned friend and believer of the national chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), the one and only Comrade Adams #Oshiomhole.

In 2010 when being screened on the Senate floor for a Ministerial slot, on the platform of PDP, he did acknowledge the good works of then-Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State. For this statement, he was attacked by the then Leadership of #PDP. But his response was that “I don’t keep a #blind eye to the positive developments by the Comrade Governor of Edo State.

Undoubtedly, it was this love for the Comrade Governor and his conviction in the undying spirit of the man that propelled Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi to resign his membership of the PDP in 2014 and immediately pitched tent with the All Progressive Congress, APC.

As a consummate democrat and politician of progressive-leaning, Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi joined forces with other progressives to ensure the emergence of Gen.Muhammad Buhari as president in 2015 general elections. He committed his time, energy, #personal resources, money and every fibre of his faith in the prosecution of the 2015 #presidential campaign.

Unlike some politicians, Engr Ogiemwonyi did not jump ship after he was skewed out of the 2016 governorship primaries. Like the true party man that he is, he stuck with the APC. And despite not been compensated, he went ahead to join forces with persons of like minds to galvanise the voters for the re-election of #President Muhammad Buhari in 2019.

Given the level of his contributions to the growth and successes of the APC, it would have been expected that he was remembered for political patronage. Even at that, Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi who is always content and ever willing to give more for the party or anyone for that matter remained loyal to the party.

Even in the face of the present political tribulations being foisted on the APC national chairman by some renegade elements in the party, Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi has demonstrated his love and faith in Comrade Adams Oshiomhole by practically identifying with him at every stage of the crisis.

Just recently on the 15th of March 2020, Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi chaired an APC stakeholders meeting held in honour of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel Abuja, tagged: #Interactive session with concerned party leaders, members and support groups on the real issues and solution, where Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi made clear it to all, that “Oshiomhole is building APC as a strong National party that will stand the test of time, many may not like that, but that is the way to go,” he said.

During the appeal court sittings, Engr. Chris Ogiemwonyi showed his unfeigned #solidarity with Comrade Adams Oshiomhole by sitting side by side with him. As a man who believes in the potency of divine intervention and the efficacy of prayers, Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi ran a daily #intercessory prayer session with friends at his home for a favourable outcome on the appellate court ruling, and that ruling went in favour of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

These are indeed the qualities of a true friend; standing in solidarity with a brother in the days of adversity, a brother he has always trusted. It’s also on record that Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi #singlehandedly funded the hosting of Edo people on a solidarity visit to the APC national chairman in Abuja, who joined him in the appeal court appearance. The event which was at the prestigious #Zeus Hotels Abuja was a remarkable reunion of #political forces from Edo state.

As the APC prepares to choose its governorship candidate for 2020 polls in Edo state, it is only imperative that the party focuses on a man who has paid his dues and has the pedigree and #temperament to foster unity in the party and at the same time, take Edo state from its present political doldrum into the league of true progressives.

That man who has the shoulders to carry that burden is Engr Chris Ogiemwonyi; a true democrat, a committed party man and an unfeigned friend and believer of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s Leadership. His mission is to build on the good works of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole administration, and he (Chris Ogiemwonyi) has the capacity and capability to deliver.

Edobor Ijeli is a political pundit, writing from Benin City.

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