Ekweremadu’s German Manhandling: A Nation On The Precipice Of A Bloody Revolution

Written by Idede Oseyande

Ekweremadu’s German Manhandling: A Nation On The Precipice Of A Bloody Revolution

I was in my adopted hometown in Uzebba, Iuleha, Owan-West Local government area of Edo State, when I heard the news of the manhandling of a ‘Distinguished’ Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In fact, one of the persons that drew my attention to it called it ‘panel beating’.

As I was busy greeting my ‘family members’ that I have not seen for about a year now and also inspecting the new projects initiated and completed by the Senator representing our constituency, I did not have time to contribute on the said matter. However, I downloaded the video and watched it critically and vowed to ensure that the people that perpetuated such dastardly act are brought to book!

Come to think of it, how can those scallywags, ‘panel beat’ a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, outside Nigeria? Was it not in Nigeria that he stole, sorry, worked for the money? They did not even consider the fact that he was so patriotic as to wear a garment designed with the Nigerian coat of arm, yet they dare raise a finger to touch the cloth?

I was so bitter that they tore his clothes. Why will they tear his clothes? If they don’t have respect for him don’t they have respect for the coat of arm? Why didn’t they just slap him on his face, break his head, or his legs, but leave his clothes for us? At least that would be fair enough for the sanctity of our coat of arms.

To make matters worse, these guys have increased the burdens of Nigerians with this shameful act. While we were already crying over the cost of governance and the jumbo pay of our legislators, now they’ve been given an alibi to increase their pay in the budget for the next fiscal year. I am sure they will avenge this attack by increasing their wardrobe allowance now that they had to get new clothes after every public function.

They will add beating allowance, insults/assault allowance, protest/embarrassment allowance, traumatic/ emotional allowance, injuries/ death allowance, etc. All because some misguided fellows slapped a distinguished Nigerian!

In all of this, one thing Nigerian leaders have failed to realise is that we cannot hold the world back. Instead, the world will drag us along forcing us to make some progress by default. Just as smartphones, the internet, and then social media, have revolutionised our level of information gathering, information processing, and social way of life, the same way it is revolutionising our leadership landscape.

Some pundits have hinged their argument that revolution of any kind is alien to Nigerians as we are a bunch of passive and highly pliable people. But that is putting the rest of the world out of the equation. History has shown that we were passive and adjusting quite well to the way and manner the colonial masters ruined, sorry ruled us, until the massive struggle for freedom and self-government took over the world.

As “Naija Nor Dey Carry Last”, our ‘heroes past’, joined the trend and we got self-government though we lost in the aspect of freedom.

In the same vein, mobilisation for protest and building ideological group has taken a new dimension, thanks to the development in other climes. Unlike the nineteenth century, when it was very difficult to share an ideology due to the illiteracy level, and the rigours of going from community to community holding town hall meetings.

Today with technology, you can build followership from the comfort of your bedroom, and this is revolutionising everything, including leadership.

It will be an effort in otiosity for anyone to undermine these dynamics with respect to the future of this country. Unless there is a drastic improvement from the part of our current leaders, the country is on the precipice of a bloody revolution.
The only prevention is for leadership overhaul, else the eruption will come in due time!

A stitch in time, they say, saves nine.

IDEDE Oseyande
Social Watcher, Edo State






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IDEDE Oseyande, a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, is an unrepentant believer in the Nigeria project.
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