Before You Get Blocked: Safeguarding Your Social Network

Written by Idede Oseyande

Before You Get Blocked: Safeguarding Your Social Network.

“Your net worth is the worth of your social network”~ Anonymous

I am a strong advocate for securing and safeguarding social capital. This has become quite easy with the advent of social media. Individuals, which hitherto were unreachable are now effortlessly accessible via social media platforms.

Howbeit, it is also dicey as so many people don’t understand how to bolster good standing to ensure they safeguard those in their social network.

For over a year now, I have been tutoring some students from my Alma Mater on the proper use of social networks. For the sake of driving home my points, I will use two real-life examples.

Case study one: John was privileged to have access to the phone number of an old Alumnus who he believes can be beneficial to him in different ways. In the conversation that led to an exchange of numbers, Chief was very friendly and though far older, spoke in youthful slang. This made John very relaxed and free when relating with Chief.

Some months later, John would ‘flash’ (beep) Chief, and out of concern for his young friend, Chief would return the call. And John would say, “I just wanted to check on you”. On several occasions, Chief explained to him that the beeping was not necessary if he can’t text or call him, but John refused to take heed. Chief had to make a decision, and I bet your guess was correct; he blocked him!

The second case study is similar. John had the number of the Senator representing his constituency on WhatsApp. They had exchanged contacts when he attended an event as a guest speaker where the Senator happened to be the chairman of the occasion. Once in a while, he would send the Senator messages and he will reply. Very soon, he started to send him information that was irrelevant to the Senator. Messages like links to vote in a beauty pageant competition organised for students on his campus.

The Senator magnanimously pointed out that the information was irrelevant to him, and such should not be sent to him. John’s ready reply was always: “I am sorry, sir, it was a broadcast to all my contact list”. When the menace would not cease, the Senator took action, he blocked John!

So many people are like John. They misuse the privilege of having a viable social network with worthwhile contacts due to their indiscipline and indiscretions.

When they see your call, let it ring a bell that it is something important, not another noise from a lousy fellow!

Don’t lose your social contacts, abide by the basic social etiquettes.

IDEDE Oseyande

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About the author

Idede Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande, a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, is an unrepentant believer in the Nigeria project.
His concern for the actualisation of a prosperous nation and the continent, in general, is reflected in his written works.

He currently runs an online advocacy platform (www.socialwatchdog.ng) where he engages the government and the people.

Among his published works are 'What is Left of What is Right?', 'The Portrait of a Revolutionary Leader' and 'Warri No Dey Carry Last'.

He is a guest writer for several blogs and his Attitudinal and Behavioral Coaching classes has transformed many lives.

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  • For me, this is an abuse of social media, He (John) was only foolish…

    Like i tell people, The same Value or respect you give to someone when they are present physically, let it reflect on your social media chat with them.

    Value Your Social Network, Because It Is Your Net worth

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