Auto-Reset Through Crisis!

Written by Idede Oseyande

Auto-Reset Through Crisis!

“If you fail to obey the clear commands in Acts 1:8, you are bound to face the crisis in Acts 8:1”

I have read biographies of different shades of successful people across various countries and continents and in diverse fields. One thing that’s common is how they stumbled on the path that later led to their outstanding success. In most cases, it is usually a moment of crisis in their lives or a challenging time in their nation. And the aftermath of the crisis is the new path they have found or self-discovery.

In the book of Acts of the Apostles chapter 1:8, the command was simple and straightforward.

“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth”.

When the power finally came as promised, the disciples started well by following the command. After the first sermon over three thousand souls were saved. The second official sermon after the miracle at the beautiful gate saw over five thousand souls saved and added to the church. The church in Jerusalem was growing in leaps and bounds, and daily new converts were added to the church.

Then, instead of spreading out, they adjusted the command and were fixated in the physical welfare of the people. The breaking of bread took over the evangelical task. And they even had to raise seven men filled with the Holy Ghost to break bread and serve tables! Bread? Not to go out and win souls!

To bring them back to the original plan and purpose for their existence, God had to allow the crisis.
And that led to what we saw in Acts 8:1

“And Saul was consenting unto his death. And at that time there was a great persecution against the church which was in Jerusalem; and they were scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria, except the apostles”.

It is not all the time that crisis is evil, as some are instructive to force us to see where we have missed it. Religion, especially Christianity had suffered serious attacks from social pundits in our recent past because of the glaring deviation the church has made from her core mandate. The focus has been shifted in many assemblies from the great commission of winning souls to material acquisitions. The success of a ministry today is no longer the number of faithful saints but the largeness of their auditoriums.

‘Mega’ churches no longer boast of devout Christians and Christlike followers, rather they are termed ‘mega’ based on the sitting capacity of their auditoriums, based on the number of schools, colleges, and businesses they run.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus and the resulting pandemic, which of the churches is talking about schools, and hospitals owned by the Church? Are they not scrambling to see how they can sustain the great commission, which is the core essence of Christianity via online platforms?

God has a way of using different means to reset the world. As he did in the time of the Apostles, he has done the same in the lives of many individuals who through crisis have found the path that leads to fulfilment.

Now that the pandemic is gradually being conquered, I hope we continue in this new path and focus on the things that really matter!

So before you cry and complain about that crisis in your life, sit back and take a retrospective assessment of your life thus far, and find out if you are not being warned to reset and redefine your vision.

The crisis might just be a decoy to get your attention to the things that truly matter.

To your all-round success! 🍷

IDEDE Oseyande
A & B Coach

About the author

Idede Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande, a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, is an unrepentant believer in the Nigeria project.
His concern for the actualisation of a prosperous nation and the continent, in general, is reflected in his written works.

He currently runs an online advocacy platform (www.socialwatchdog.ng) where he engages the government and the people.

Among his published works are 'What is Left of What is Right?', 'The Portrait of a Revolutionary Leader' and 'Warri No Dey Carry Last'.

He is a guest writer for several blogs and his Attitudinal and Behavioral Coaching classes has transformed many lives.


  • Timely,i am still looking for the lie in all you said.
    The church has deviated from it core mandate;let’s reset and adjust so we don’t miss it at the end.

  • Lets endeavour to take advantage of the lessons from the pandemic and make sure we apply them in creating a good path for ourselves

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