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Attributes of A Team Player- 2

by Idede Oseyande
Previously we treated Tale bearing as a common trait of a team destroyer.
Now, let us take the second trait which is Envy!
A destructive #team player is always envious. What makes them #envious? They have an uncontrollable habit of always comparing themselves with others.
“…But they, #measuring themselves by themselves, and #comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” 2Cor 10:12b
From the moment they made it to the team, their first role is to start to analyze other team members. This is not to see how the quality of the team members would help achieve the goal of the team. Rather, it is to create a competitive mindset with members of the team.
Instead of the fight to be outside, that is, to get the objective of the team, they end up creating infighting in the team.
When you give them an easy task, they will say, “oh because you think I am not competent to handle a crucial part of the project that’s why you assigned this petty task to me and gave this other person a more honourable task”.
If you give them a critical role in the team, they will say, “ah, I said it, you had me in mind that was why you are giving me this tough task so I can be doing the slave work while these who are not as qualified as myself would sit idle and watch me sweating on the task”.
When you decide to completely take them off the task, leaving them to sit and watch, they will still start talking about how competent hands like them are ignored and incompetent hands are saddled with responsibilities.
What then is the way forward?
It is better to identify them early like cancer, so you can insulate the other team members and yourself from their poison. When they are exposed they most likely become ghost members and thereafter they exit on their own volition.
Are you still following?

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