And God Lied-2?

Written by Idede Oseyande

And God Lied-2?

“…..for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” ~ Gen 2:17b

When I was a child, my mum would take me with her to the female hostel during our biannual camp meetings. As I grew older, some females started to protest my mum’s decision to have me there. “Why would this big boy be allowed to stay in a female hostel?” they would ask, quarrelling and in some cases insisting I should be sent to stay with the males.

It got to a point that I would be stopped by the female guards at the entrance to the hostel until my mum would come herself to take me inside. She got tired of their complaints and agreed to send me to stay with my elder brother.

As a child, I found it ridiculous each time my presence generated arguments and revolt among the women. I could not fathom what harm my being there would inflict on them. ‘I was just a little, innocent boy 👦’

But then I grew older and had my first kiss, and everything changed. I would on my own stand outside a female hostel without anyone asking me not to come inside. I now know why they didn’t want me inside. I had known good and evil. 🤦🏿‍♂

When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit #innocency died in them. They ran to hide because they then became aware of their nakedness.

Remember when you got involved in that first corrupt deal? It was a ‘success’. No one found out, but your innocence died!
Remember the first time you slept with another woman outside without your wife knowing? You were not caught but your #innocence died that day.
You lost the courage to speak against it. It is with a burdened heart you talk each time you have to counsel your children to abstain from the very things you are guilty of because you died the very day you lost your innocence.

Interestingly, Adam and Eve could not even solve the problem despite being aware that there was a problem.

It was the same God who they disobeyed and did what He asked them not to do that solved the problem they got themselves into, by knitting leaves for them to cover their nakedness.

But how does this connect with having an awesome 2020?
‘Na epistle we go take make money this year?’

Don’t forget, the Devil is in the Details.🤪

…to be continued.

Attitude is Everything!

IDEDE Oseyande
A & B Coach

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Idede Oseyande

IDEDE Oseyande, a graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, is an unrepentant believer in the Nigeria project.
His concern for the actualisation of a prosperous nation and the continent, in general, is reflected in his written works.

He currently runs an online advocacy platform (www.socialwatchdog.ng) where he engages the government and the people.

Among his published works are 'What is Left of What is Right?', 'The Portrait of a Revolutionary Leader' and 'Warri No Dey Carry Last'.

He is a guest writer for several blogs and his Attitudinal and Behavioral Coaching classes has transformed many lives.

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